Multi-Panel and Oversized Door Screen Solutions


At Sunscreens and More of Arizona, we found the need to develop a new, cost effective screening solution for multi-panel sliding glass doors. So, we did! Our design creates solutions that certain customers require for their specific needs. A solution that other products and companies do not offer. Our exclusive design is a multi-panel sliding screen door system. Unlike other options on the market, they create a tighter seal for insects, are available with a variety of screen and sun control fabrics, and they are child and pet friendly. We custom make each one and cover openings up to 20’ wide and up to 9’ tall.

Oversized Door Picture 1.JPG

The Brio 612 Retractable Pleated Insect Screen offers a screening solution to any door application due to its innovative design. Developed for flexibility and tested for durability, the Brio 612 Screen is a popular product worldwide. 

With the capability to span 16’ each unit, the option of dual screens that meet in the middle can cover expansive openings up to 32’ wide and 10’ 6” tall. The Brio 612 is one of the largest single action screen products of its type in the world. 

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