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Sunscreens block 80%-90% of the suns harmful UV rays while still offering a comfortable view from the inside of the home. They can save you up to 25% on your electric bills and come in a variety of colors, adding to the aesthetics of your home. Call now for a free estimate on your new sunscreens.

Multi-Panel and Oversized Door Screens

The newest craze in new home construction and remodeling is Multi-panel and Oversized Doors. We carry a variety of screening solutions, all designed to meet your individual needs of screen type, sun and insect control, being child and pet friendly, and those specifically designed to meet the needs of extra wide openings. Call now for your free estimate on your new Tri-panel and Oversized Door solution.

Retractable Screen Doors

Stow-Away retractable screen doors give you the best of both worlds: when bugs and weather aren’t an issue, you can enjoy the full beauty of the outdoors by leaving your doors open and then retract the the doors out of sight when not. Call now for a free estimate on your new retractable screen doors

Patio Roll Shades

Take your patio back from the sun and heat! Patio shades not only make your patio cooler and keep you shaded from the sun, they help protect your outdoor furniture too. Call now for a free estimate on your new patio roll shades

Postless Corner and Bi-Fold Door Screens

Don’t settle for a spring loaded retractable product on specialty doors. Get the product specifically designed for Bi-Fold Doors and the ONLY product on the market for your elegant Postless Corner Door system. Call now for a free, no pressure appointment to view our specialty screen door product.

Security Mesh Screen Doors

Your Meshtec security mesh screen doors are the first point of protection for keeping your home safe and secure. The screen blocks out 60% of the sun's harmful UV rays, protecting the finish of your interior door, while still giving you a beautiful view and not obstructing airflow. You get all the security, sun control and airflow benefits without the bars and designs of a steel security door. If you do not want to block any of your view and not cover your stylish and expensive interior door, our Meshtec security doors are a perfect option to fit your security needs. Call now for a free estimate on your Meshtec security screen door

Security Doors

We offer many types of security doors that suit your needs of security level, aesthetics and budget. They come in a wide array of colors and types of screening. Call now for a free in-home consultation on your new security door. 

Other Screen Doors

At Sunscreens and More of Arizona, we carry practically every type of screen door product on the market. From standard sliding screen door replacements to aluminum swinging doors, we have the right fit for your needs.

Stay Cool and Comfortable
Sunscreens and more of Arizona has exactly what you need to feel completely comfortable in your outdoor living spaces. Call now for a free estimate.

Why choose Sunscreens and More of Arizona

Sunscreens and More of Arizona has been outfitting the Valley with sunscreens, screen doors, patio shades, and more for over twenty years. No one in Metro Phoenix has more experience in the industry or has installed more sunscreens than us. Over the years, our team has installed screens on every type of door and opening you can imagine. We have been around long enough to see industry trends and changes and to help our customers choose screens that work best for their space and needs. 

Our company motto is, “The highest quality of product, manufacturing and service every time.” These are words we live by every day. As a small business, our customer satisfaction is what drives business to our doors. Our workmanship is the best you will find here in the Valley. We have installed over 80,000 sunscreens over the years plus a lot of the other products we offer. You can trust our high-volume experience of installation, and the proprietary screening processes we developed to deliver excellent results. When looking for sun protection and screen, we are your one-stop-shop that is guaranteed to satisfy you.

Why should I choose to install a sunscreen?

Sunscreens are an excellent addition to your home. Sunscreens can block up to ninety percent of the suns harmful and damaging UV rays. When you choose to install a sunscreen, you are choosing to protect your home from expensive electric bills, wearing of window treatments and from the fading of your floors and furniture. 

When you opt for a sunscreen, you reduce the suns UV rays and your home instantly becomes cooler, making it a more enjoyable place to relax and entertain, especially on those sunny summer days. A lot of windows are great for natural light and an airy feel in your home until the sun shines through. Our sunscreens help keep your home cool even on the sunniest days and saving you up to twenty five percent on your electric bills. Consider sunscreens to provide the protection of your furnishings from the harsh, bleaching effect of too much sun exposure. If you think you could benefit from a professionally installed sunscreen, call now for an estimate!


What parts of the Valley do you serve?

We are proud to be located in Phoenix and serve customers all across the Valley. The region of the country gets a lot of sun and extremely high temps, which means we have a lot of experience in the sunscreen industry. We know firsthand what a big difference a sunscreen or screen door can make in your home. We are glad to offer a cooler, more comfortable experience for our fellow Arizonians. Call now for a free estimate!


What products do you offer?

Sunscreens and More of Arizona offers a huge selection of sunscreens as our name suggests. However, that’s not all we offer. Our company provides every type of screen door and shade product you can imagine.


Patio Shades

​Many of our customers come to us because of our reputation for providing high-quality patio shading. Patio shades can provide an eclectic vibe to your outdoor space while protecting you from harsh sun rays and the heat that comes along with them. However, if you want something more structured or modern, we have styles to accommodate those tastes as well. We offer patio shades or shading that stretches over your sitting area. We carry roll-away systems that allow you to put away your shade at your convenience. We truly have a shade for every style.


Screen Doors

Screen doors are great for shading of your home, but they aren’t just for sun protection. Screens are a great way to allow a fresh breeze to flow through your home while keeping insects out. Sunscreens and More of Arizona installs Stow-Away Retractable Screens so you can have the option of going screenless on days when you want your doors wide open.


Oversized and Multi-Panel Screen Systems

​The team at Sunscreens and More is able to provide you not only with standard-sized screen doors, but we can outfit multi-panel doors with our oversized screen systems. This is great not only for homes, but restaurants and businesses who want outside access without having to keep your doors open all day and night.


Insect Screening

In addition to keeping the sun out, our insect screens keep the bugs out too! Our special design and installed screening systems can keep your house insect-free. Our screening products designed specifically for oversized doors, standard sliding screen doors and any other opening your home has.


Outdoor Fabric

​In addition to our screens and systems, we wanted to provide our customers with beautiful fabric they can enjoy outside under the comfort of their sunscreens. We want to make your outdoor spaces as comfortable and beautiful as the inside of your home. Check out our fabric page for a selection of durable, beautiful fabric that can withstand the elements.


Do you have financing options?

Yes! We want to make sunscreens, screen doors and related products accessible for everyone. We couple unbeatable prices with different finance options so you can enjoy shaded, protected relaxation today! Call now for a free estimate.


Can I get an estimate for my sunscreen and installation?

​Of course! Our friendly technicians will address all of your needs and answer your questions so we can determine what type of screen will serve you best. We come to your home and evaluate your space, then work with you to find something functional and beautiful. When we visit your home, there is absolutely no expectation on our part; we want you to be totally informed and comfortable before you make a decision. Our free in-home estimates are a no-pressure, zero-commitment option if you want to explore sunscreens for your home! We leave our estimates in writing so you can know exactly what to expect when you use our services. Call now for a free estimate!

Security Screens for windows

Why security screens for windows? Your Meshtec security window screens are points of protection for keeping your home safe and secure. Keep your home safe from burglary with Meshtec security window screens. They block 60% of the suns UV rays while still keeping a clear view of the outdoors and do not restrict airflow, so you still get ventilation and airflow. Security window screens have an internal latch assembly allowing you to open them and escape in the emergency of a fire and also provide access to the windows for cleaning. Call for a free estimate on your new Meshtec security window screens

Security Doors

Security doors are the first point of protection for keeping your home safe. Security doors are made in either rust-free aluminum or powder coated steel. With a lot of designs and color choices on security doors, you get to choose the aesthetic look that security doors add to your home.